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Laser Tattoo Removal course - 2 Day Workshop

This is a two-day intensive course for laser tattoo removal. Theory education is followed by clinical hands-on training with Q Switched tattoo removal lasers. A range of people with a wide variety of tattoos are available to practice your newly developing skills. A laser safety course needs to be completed before entering this course. They can be studied consecutively or at different times depending on your needs.

$ 4000.00 inc. GST

Laser Hair Removal

This is a intense laser hair removal course which can be completed following laser safety training. The various hair removal lasers and wavelengths and their comparative effectiveness and value are discussed along with hands on using using various lasers. A thorough understanding of hair growth, hair growth cycle, causes of abnormal growth, and how laser works to disable hair are included. Treatment programs are discussed at length along with outcome expectations. Consultations, informed consent, Fitzpatrick skin typing and test patches are all part of the training. Models are supplied for hair removal practice on various body areas with differing hair types and a variety of skin colours.

$ 4000.00 inc. GST