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Laser Tattoo Removal course - 2 Day Workshop

$3200.00 inc. GST

 A Laser Safety certificate is a pre-requisite for this hands-on course


This is a two-day intensive course for laser tattoo removal offered on site at your clinic/salon.  A flat rate fee of $3200.00 for up to 4 staff.  There may be travel and/or accomodation fees applicable so contact Trudy directly for more information on pricing structure.  The theory componant is offered seperately as a 1/2 day Zoom course which needs to be completed before this clinical hands-on training.  This hands - on laser tattoo removal course is held in your premises with your Q Switched or pico second tattoo removal laser.  A range of people with a wide variety of tattoos need to be available to practice your newly developing skills.  


Anyone wishing to attend Laser Tattoo Removal training who does not have a Beauty/Dermal Therapy or Nursing/Medical qualification, may do so by first completing a Skin Sciences course [not offered by Fleming Laser].  This course will give you the background needed to attend our courses with the intention to then set-up your own business, but may not be sufficient to gain employment with another clinic or salon.   If you are wishing to set-up your own business, it is also important to first know the laser regulations for your home state.  Make sure you do your research.  Please contact Fleming Laser if you would like to discuss this further or have any questions.


Course includes: Extensive, suppervised hands-on training.  Day 1 with black ink on various parts of the body, then day 2 is for working with coloured ink and more complex tattoos.  Issues regarding tattoo ink colours and the ease/difficulty of removing ink, consultations, contra-indications, Fitzpatrick skin types and tan will form part of the training along with client preparation, treatment and dressing of the tattoo post treatment.


There are strict pre-requisites for this course and limited numbers in the classes. Those enrolling need to have a Laser Safety certificate and complete the Laser Tattoo Removal theory componant prior to booking this course. Course includes: training notes, hands-on clinical training, assessment and certificate upon successful completion.


Individuals wishing to enrol in hands-on courses need to have a background in medicine, nursing or beauty/dermal therapy or a similar Allied Health field. Those with no health/beauty industry background need to contact Fleming Laser directly for advice.

Course sessions

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2 days, 9.00am - 5.00pm [approx]

Training is at your salon/clinic with tattooed models supplied by you.  Days and times can be worked out to suit your comitments. 


oral questionnaire, practical assessment.

training notes, certificate upon successful completion.

at NO extra cost,  standard operating procedure documents that are easily adapted and customised to your personal clinic/salon needs are supplied electronically - value $575.00