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Absorption Spectrum (A2)

A comprehensive representation of the spectrum of light (UV, Visible and Infrared) and how it is absorbed by Water, Melanin and Oxyhemoglobin.  

$71.50 inc. GST

Light Penetration into the Skin (A2)

This full-colour poster illustrates the depth of penetration of differing wavelengths of light into the skin.  For Laser / IPL operators and clients wanting a graphic illustraiton of the light spectrum and how it penetrates the skin.  This illustration al

$71.50 inc. GST

Hair Growth Cycle (A2)

This poster is a full-colour illustration of the three phases of hair growth, including annotated anatomy of the skin and hair follicle. A great resource for your staff and clients when performing Laser / IPL / electrolysis for hair removal.

$71.50 inc. GST