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Electrolysis - Theory

$200.00 inc. GST

Fleming Laser can offer client on-site electrolysis training in the Melbourne area.  Trudy has put together a program where theory sessions are offered by skype or Facetime then a series of hands-on training sessions ran in your own salon/clinic premises.  This will be 1 on 1 training or small staff group [to be negotiated].  Classes will either be half day for 1 person or longer if there are a few staff attending.  All models for hands-on training need to be supplied by trainee.  Hair initially on legs then as the training progresses, you will treat bikini, under-arms and finally the face.


Electrolysis needs many hours of practice to develop skill.  I offer a series of face to face training sessions but the trainee needs to log at least 100 hours of independent practice between the supervised sessions.  My classes a paid for per session and not as a fixed price course as everybody is different in their learning needs and speeds.  The average requirement is about 10 hands-on sessions and 3 theory sessions, however this is customised to individual needs and the amount of sessions may vary.  The overall time frame to complete this course is approximately 6 months but will vary depending on the booking of supervised training and how the unsupervised log of treatments progresses.


A discussion with Trudy is needed before deciding on this training course. Contact us to find out more. 

Course sessions

Location Address Dates
Victoria Client onsite training (only) Waitlisted session
  • Assessment

Log book to be completed, assignments, oral and visual assessment Certificate of competency on satisfactory completion


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