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Why 2 Days of Laser Safety Officer training?

Why 2 Days of Laser Safety Officer training?

I have been asked recently why I run a 2 day Laser Safety Officer course when many other training establishments run it in 1 day or offer it on-line.  The simple answer is that I include more in my course!  Laser safety courses are based on the Guide to the Safe Use of Lasers in Healthcare, AS/ANZ 4173:2014. They need to follow this guide strictly to be accredited by states that legislate the use of lasers and IPL.  Most laser safety courses follow these guidelines and therefore meet the nominal standard expected from such a course.  However I find that this is not really adequate for the majority of participants, as this sort of course is often their initial introduction to lasers, IPL and other energy based devices and they require more information and education.


The Guide to the Safe Use of Lasers in Healthcare introduces people to the science of light, lasers/IPL and to the basic safety measures needed to operate these devices.  Besides this basic science, I feel more time is needed to clarify what the difference is between various lasers.   People often attend with the general idea of using/purchasing one specific laser but have no idea what the effects of differing laser/IPL wavelengths, pulsewidths and fluence have on skin and the variety of treatments able to be offered.  I open up minds to the broader clinical uses of these devices.  This makes for a firmer, wider base understanding of lasers and Light devices giving people a greater insight into their capabilities. 


We also delve into treatment issues and protocols picking up on what devices the various participants are using or considering.  This is not strictly part of a basic laser safety course but it is almost impossible to discuss the science and safety of laser/IPL without talking about actual treatment.  I like to fill in the gaps and answer all questions so this extended information takes time and I find 2 days is needed to adequately deliver and discuss this information.  As well as meeting the Guidelines laid down for safe use of lasers in healthcare and my course being registered by QLD Radiation Health [and recognised by the other regulated and non-regulated states] it exceeds and excels making it a very current, interactive and up to the minute course that stands out from the rest and of course we have hundreds of testimonials to confirm and verify that!

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