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First Year Anniversary

First Year Anniversary

Hi Everybody!


Well, so much for wanting to write a regular blog, I’ve not written anything since the first post nearly a year ago!  The reason [excuse!] is that since I’ve restructured my business I have been flat out working with no time to breathe.  Concentrating on just my teaching without other training staff or a clinic to worry about has changed my life enormously.  Stress levels have reduced, life has become less complicated but it has not slowed down!  So what have I been doing?  Besides running frequent laser safety courses with many participants rushing back for further hands-on training with lasers and IPL, I have been looking after my own education.  I seem to have spent the first half of this year attending  non-stop conferences both here in Australia and in the USA.  These events are fantastic for updating and widening ones knowledge as nothing beats hearing and talking with international experts in the field.  The networking and catching up with old friends and colleagues is invaluable.  I like to keep up with what’s happening overseas as I want my courses to reflect the best of current international thinking.   This has all lead to work on updating my training notes and presentations, an ongoing exercise as there is always new stuff to include.


And so with a very busy 1st year as the revamped Fleming Laser, my admin staff [invaluable] and I are off out to dinner to celebrate in style, cheers everybody!

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