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ASAPS Non-Surgical Symposium

ASAPS Non-Surgical Symposium

As usual ASAPS put on another excellent conference over the week-end.  There were some interesting laser speakers including E. Victor Ross who I have seen talk many times in the USA, but he always has interesting information.  Even if a lot of it is not new to me it is often confirmation and consolidation of knowledge.  Or sometimes I hear a better way of explaining a tricky concept which is useful for my training courses.  


The highlight for me though was catching up with Dr Des Fernandes.  Dr Fernandes is a world-renown plastic surgeon form Cape Town, South Africa.  I’ve known Des for many years and always enjoy hearing him speak.  .  He is a pioneer in skin needling and vitamin therapy, and some of the other speakers at the symposium acknowledged his work which was wonderful to see.  He has a new book about to be released on Vitamin A and the distributors of his skin care range Environ, have also just launched his new Intensive Revival Masque in Australia.  It’s an interesting product that he calls a “face lift in a bottle”!  As he is a plastic surgeon performing surgical face lifts I find this totally intriguing but of course I’m trying it out as I have used his products religiously for years and love them.  For results watch this space......

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