Welcome to Fleming Laser

FlemingWe are a renowned training company offering Laser/IPL Safety Officer courses, and bespoke clinical hands-on training. Because we are a specialist organisation with a narrow focus we can offer an incredible level of quality education  backed by years of experience.  In fact we are the only establishment in Australia that specialises purely in Laser and IPL education.  

We have an envied association with many of the top international manufacturers and distributors giving us access not only to their technology but to the amazing knowledge that they have.  

For many years Fleming Laser had a large clinic and training school in Melbourne, now the company offers its renowned Laser/IPL safety course and bespoke on-site clinical training.  This involves visiting clinics all around Australia and New Zealand customising training to individual needs and requirements.

Fleming Laser's trainer, Trudy Fleming, is a renowned personality with 45 years of industry experience, both clinically and as an educator.  She has a national and international profile as a trainer with a passion for learning and passing-on that knowledge in an easy to understand format and manner. Trudy has an abundance of knowledge, passion and energy to impart to those wanting the best in light based aesthetic education.