“Thank you so much for the training yesterday, I learnt so much! It was so handy being able to do the training via Zoom, you got the same interactive experience while not having to travel very far, in the comfort of your own home. Thank you so much for your time over the last 2 days and wish you all the best” Racheal Bartlett



"I absolutely recommend using the Zoom method for training & learning within this Laser Safety course. Using Zoom was a great way to learn online & also have the ability to communicate virtually face to face with the educator, all whilst in the comfort of my own home.

Educator Trudy Fleming was extremely informative & guided us through all the information & study units in a formative yet relaxed manner.
After completing this Laser Safety course I am super confident with the subject matter of Laser Safety practices" Emilia Nannini



"Thank you.  Thank you.   Thank you.   I learnt in three days what it would probably take 1 or 2 years of teaching elsewhere.  Trudy is a maestro in her field of expertise."Dr D. Gilgen



"In the last two days Trudy has helped me understand my work better, so I can walk away and achieve better results, and most importantly doing this safely."   E. Katakis



"After 25+ years in the beauty therapy industry, I found this training to be clear, informative, relevant and easily transferable to practical application.  I would thoroughly recommend it to all beauty therapist professionals looking to move into or understand the IPL/laser arena."    K.Coker



"Having attempted online training for Laser Safety and feeling extremely frustrated and nervous, not able to understand any of it : Trudy's class was amazing, easy to understand and very helpful."   K. Foley



"Trudy is very knowledgeable, honest and funny!  Great educator!"  F  Curry



"I have now done 4 courses with Fleming Laser and have thoroughly enjoyed all of them.  The information/theory is very thorough and the practical experience valuable in gaining confidence and good technical skills and safety methods.  I recommend Fleming Laser highly to anyone interested." AM Pemberton,  RN



"By far the best and most relevant training course I have done within the industry.  Everything was explained clearly and explained thoroughly with examples.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone in the industry, from new clinicians to experienced Dr's.  I give it 10/10." S.Cussell



"Thank you so much Trudy, you are awesome!   Thank God the industry has someone like you teaching us."   B. Tabone



"Trudy has made something that sounds quite "heavy" laser safety, to be east to understand, interesting and relatable to my industry and business."  S.Passalick



"Excellent preparation for my new career.   Exceptional support resources to work with and refer to later."    G. Kirby  



"It wold have taken me months, if not years to obtain the knowledge you gave me in 2 days!  Thank-you"   A.Newton  



"I felt a little overwhelmed when I enrolled in this course, due to the fact that it had been quite a long time since I had studied.  Only minutes into the class, I was put at ease by the knowledge and excellent explanations when teaching, by Trudy.  I felt comfortable, at ease and enjoyed this course more than I thought I would!"    K. Horne  



"A very thorough 2 day course of intensive learning.   Good chance for discussion and to ask questions.  Power points were very detailed and the take-home folder is a good resource to refer back to"  L. Bracefield



"I greatly appreciate your care and attention throughout the whole training period."  E. Argiros



"Trudy is hilarious and very engaging"  J. Khoury



"A thorough course for understanding of laser treatments, procedures, safety and obligations for owners and staff.  Everything needed to start your laser education."    J. Callahan



"An extremely interesting and well taught course.  This subject was something that could've proved quite draining but the enthusiasm and manner in which Trudy taught it imade it so interesting and very relateable with the examples she used.   Thank you Trudy!."   S. McIntyre



"If every trainer/teacher in the beauty industry was as good as Trudy, it would be a so much better industry"    V.Sloane



"Trudy's training provides the perfect balance of theory and practical.  I feel confident that my training is gold standard."    R.Bismann



"Fantastic course.  A must for everyone using or invovled in a clinic with lasers.   Taught in a small group in language you can understand, with the comfort to be able to ask anything at anytime.  Trudy was extremely approachable and knowledgeable and I left feeling confident and safe in my future laser work and excited to get practising in a way that would minimize risks to me, my staff, my practice & my clients."   Dr C. Taylor-Walker



"Fleming Laser education and staff were thoroughly professional.  The topics were well covered with easily remembered examples.  I have no hesitation in recommending this course (Laser Safety Officer) to any person starting out in this industry."   C.Smith



"As a medical practitioner/doctor interested in tattoo removal, the course was just what I was looking for.  Ms. Fleming has extensive knowledge and skill, which she is able to use to transmit maximum knowledge to us as students."  Dr M.Foreman



"Practical training with several models helped with confidence and getting to know the machine.  Good amount of theory prior to practical, as well - which was great."  L.Smith



"Trudy is an encyclopaedia of laser!  A wealth of information!"  G. Schembri



"This was one of the best learning experiences in my aesthetic medicine studies.  Informative, professional with clear presentation and a lot of material covered in a short period of time.  Trudy is a top educator in her field and I would recommend this course to every doctor wishing to expand their practice and including laser treatments."  Dr M.Janjic



"Great training.  I would recommend Trudy to everyone.  She has a great name in the industry and now I know why.  Thank you."  V.Bouronikos