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Zoom Laser Hair Removal Theory Course [1 day]


This is the theory component for laser hair removal.  It is a 1 day Zoom training course that needs to be completed before having hands-on training with hair removal lasers.  

This session follows on from Laser Safety Training as it is the next stage in thinking purely about laser hair removal.  We consider hair structure, growth of hair on different areas of the body, normal hair growth patterns and abnormal hair growth causes and patterns.  The hair growth cycle is examined in detail along with its impact on hair developement and on laser treatment.  Hormones play a big part in normal hair developement and in abnormal and excessive hair growth so this is discussed in detail.

The types of lasers that can be used for hair removal are examined, along with when each laser wavelength is most appropriate and the benefits of the different lasers.  Expected results are discussed, number of treatments required and what sort of program is reccomended. 

the laser parameters/settings are considered along with safety issues like skin colour, tan and test patches.

The consultation process is explained along with the client details needed.  Photosensetive drugs, health issues, skin cancer, medications are all examined.

The session can then be followed up with hands-on training at your clinic/salon.  I normally recommend 2 days of hands-on clinical training.


You may already be working in the field but feel you want further information on the subject to round out your knowledge and possibly fill in any gaps.  This zoom session is ideal for anybody already using lasers.  It does not matter how long you have already been in the industry.  Trudy has been removing hair for 45 years and there will always be something new or enlightening to discuss in this class.  There is plenty of opportunity to ask questions, debate and argue ideas and this is encouraged.

If you are interested in attending this zoom laser hair removal theory course, please get in contact with Trudy directly [by email or phone] for more information.  Training dates are customised to suit your requirements.   


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