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Zoom Laser/IPL Safety Officer Course ED194 2 days


Accreditation: Radiation Health Queensland Government. Approval No ED194.


Approved for:

Theoretical components of the required competencies for people wishing to obtain a Use Licence and Radiation Safety Officer certificate for laser cosmetic and medical procedures.

This course follows Australian and New Zealand Standards - AS/NZS 4173:2018 Safe use of Lasers and Intense Light Sources in Health Care. This is a two-day theory course giving laser and IPL science knowledge and safety guidelines for using these devices. in some Australian states this course is required as part of obtaining a Use Licence. In non-regulated states it is still strongly recomended as a way of understanding laser and IPL technology and for guidelines on necessary standard operating procedures. Many insurance companies insist all staff using a laser or IPL show proof of such Laser Safety certification before they will insure the clinic/salon.

There are numerous Laser Safety courses available in Australia including a number of on-line courses. Trudy's training differs from others in a number of ways. Her course is more interactive, you can ask wide ranging questions and get answers that will help relate the science of laser with what you want to do in your clinic or practice. Trudy will link the science to the various wavelengths of laser and what treatments can be done with different devices and parameters available. This will bring what is normally a rather "dry" topic alive and relate it to what you will be doing or open your eyes to new posibilities. Trudy relays the information in terms that are easily understandable, making this rather technical subject accessible to all participants.

This Laser/IPL Safety Officer course is the basic study required before any further hands-on training is undertaken in the use of various lasers or IPL devices.


No pre-requisites are needed for this course.

Course includes: training manual, assessment and certificate upon successful completion.


This course is offered by Zoom on Mondays & Tuesdays once per month.  Please book at least 10 days prior to course commencement to give time for training manual to be Express Posted out to you.  If the listed dates are not suitable then contact Trudy directly to see if she can arrange a more suitable time for you.

This course can also be offered on-site at your salon/clinic for staff with days and time to suit your particular needs.  Talk to Trudy for more information.

Accredited by Radiation Health, QLD, approval No ED194

Course sessions

Location Address Dates
All States This session will be run via Zoom Start date: 12 Aug 2024 09:00
End date: 13 Aug 2024 15:44
All States This session will be run via Zoom Start date: 09 Sep 2024 09:00
End date: 10 Sep 2024 15:00
All States This session will be run via Zoom Start date: 07 Oct 2024 09:00
End date: 08 Oct 2024 15:00
All States This session will be run via Zoom Start date: 11 Nov 2024 09:00
End date: 12 Nov 2024 15:00
All States This session will be run via Zoom Start date: 09 Dec 2024 09:00
End date: 10 Dec 2024 15:00
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2 days, 9.00am - 6.00pm [approx, usually earlier finish on 2nd day]

Multiple choice/short answer theory paper.  You will be required to study and revise the information on the evening of the first day in readiness for the test paper on the afternoon of the 2nd day. 

Training manual, certificate upon successful completion.

At NO extra cost: Over 25 standard operating procedure documents that are easily adapted and customised to your personal clinic/salon needs will be emailed to you. Value $975.00

Fleming Laser’s renowned Laser/IPL Safety Officer courses are now being offered by Zoom! No more travelling to Melbourne to attend in person. You can get exactly the same course with Trudy presenting all by the magic of technology. So, you can be in any state in Australia, or even overseas and attend this course. How easy is that? All you need to be aware of is that the time of the course is Eastern Standard [Melbourne] time.


When you book, a training manual will be express posted to you [book in time for this to happen!]. Then you can participate from home via your laptop or tablet. The same PowerPoint presentations are used with Trudy talking you through them. Her
anecdotes and explanations make the laser science and safety concepts easy to understand and of course you can interject at any time to ask questions and get immediate clarification. She will be showing charts and diagrams, and even writing
and drawing over them. The test is still done on the afternoon of the 2nd day so this course is totally completed within 2 days. This is so much easier and simpler than traditional online courses which although are done “in your own time” end up taking
longer and are slower to get responses when you have a query.

Fleming Laser have set Zoom 2 day Laser Safety Officer courses on Monday & Tuesdays once a month. A maximum of 4 people will be accepted in these courses so that it is easy to communicate back and forth. Please book on-line at least 10 days prior to course commencement as time is needed for the training manual to be Express Posted out to you. If the set dates do not suit you, try contacting Trudy to see if there is a possibility of adding new dates more suitable to your needs. Or maybe you are a clinic and would like a separate course for your staff.