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Zoom IPL Theory Course [1 day]


This is a 1 day theory course examining all the issues involved with IPL hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments.  We start by refreshing your knowledge of hair, its structure, growth patters and the influences on hair growth.  We then move on to discussing the causes of excessive or abnormal hair growth.

How IPL can be utilised for hair removal, the various filters that may be available and how IPL will actually affect hair is examined. Treatment programs, areas of the face and body that can and can't be treated are deliberated.  Skin colour, Fitzpatrick skin tone classification along with tanning issues are considered.

We then move on to thinking about how IPL can be utilised for skin rejuvenation.  We debate what "rejuvenation" means in this context, and what we are likely to achieve with IPL.  What filters are appropriate, what type of response is possible, any side effects or issues to bear in mind.  Again, skin colour and tan are major issues and will be examined in detail.

After completing this theory session you are set up ready to move on to hands-on training.  With this information behing you, there is no time wastage with the practical class, its all hands-on doing. 

LaserIPL Laser Safety certification needs to be completed before this IPL theory course is attempted.  This zoom theory course then needs to be completed before a practical hands-on class. 

Clinicians who have already been working with IPL but feel they would like more theory explanation of what they are doing are happily welcomed and encouraged to attend this course.  Their input is encouraged as everybody learns from other ideas and the ensuing debate is healthy.


Contact Trudy directly [email or phone] to discuss your needs more and to set a training date as these classes are not pre-scheduled. 

A certificate of attendance will be awarded



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